Need for Speed™ Most Wanted App Reviews

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Need update to stay on top

Nfs édition cars are not disponible to buy!!!!fix that . Would be Nice to customs the cars body, change wheel , paint wheel , change body parts. Keep working on this game , its the best need for speed on the App Store. Nfs édition cars cant be buy anymore , fix that please please please .

Why would I pay for this...!

This game wont download Ive waited Ford long and cleared up space for it. It also costed me seven bucks...!! I would not recommend waiting for it to download if it hasnt even moved for five minutes (Cancel it)


Love your game but it takes forever to load up the graphics are amazing but maybe make more than two police cars great game just needs some work thanks PLEASE FIX IT bye !!!(-:and well youre at it add free roam

Amazing game, but...

The upgrade system is a little off for me, and probably many others. Why? There is no upgrades.

0/10* controls are horrible

i am virtually unable to play either games because of the controls. I am not able to hold my phone out and steer with it due to injuries. These games need joysticks and buttons or options for button layout customization.

Fails to start on iPad Air 2

The game gets stuck on the loading screen on my iPad Air 2 running the latest version of iOS 9. I tried closing all apps and rebooting my iPad, but still no luck. A game that doesnt work at all is useless. Please fix the game to run on modern devices.

Great game

Very good game, well when I was able to play it. Once I completed the game and installed the update the game would never open it would just "keep on loading" thats one of lifes biggest hypnotic cycles


Ok, i will continue to play this game but I would definitely change the fact that you ALWAYS have cops after you, you have to focus on the primary objective like get in 3rd place in a race, but then you also have to focus on getting past the cops which is really annoying and I am sure when I say that Im not the only one who has this problem.

Wont load fix

Fix and update the game also make it compatible for iOS 9.3.3 or lower and higher because its only compatible with iOS 8.0

EA ripped me again!!

Played this app on my iPhone5s. Completed everything, all of it. Now with my iPhone6s EA gives me 10 cars n I gotta pay 4everythin I already paid 4. Ripped Off!!! Obviously not playing it now. & they forced me 2give a rating wen I dont wanna rate it even 1star

What the fu*k

Why wont it load

Last update broke NFS Edition Cars

The last update broke the garage and you can no longer buy the NFS Edition cars. Game can no longer be completed.

Great game but too easy

This is the greatest game I ever played but too easy I finished all the levels in two days

Great Game

Never crashed but needs to update

Play something else

I enjoyed the need for speed most wanted 2012 console game, this has no relation to it. None. Cops only chase you and ignore everyone else, and you have to keep buying extra money in game with real money in order to get anywhere it might as well be a free game thered at least be a reason for it. Do not buy this, try Horizon, or even Gear Club. Because in those if you spend money its at least for a good reason.

Get it fixed asap please

Just bought this game 2 hours ago and it shuts down after every single race i do. I have to close and re-open the game every times it is so annoying. Worst waste pf money this year. Om using an iphone 5 i will try it on ipad 2 mini. Hoping for better results.


The wii u version is better because you can explore the map

Game crashes

Grame crashes after each race with an error message.


I had downloaded this game a few years and it was working perfectly fine.but now when go into the game the music goes psycho so I cant listen to it.I tried everything done and also theres some sort of problem with the software all the time and it kicks me out of the game. I dont know what you did I dont know what you changed but Id love for it to go back to normal.


Do not work anymore on ipad2 with ios9

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